Hosanna to the Son of David
All Glory Laud and Honor #366
At the Name of Jesus #465
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name #566

Four Seasonal Marian Hymns

Typically sung after Communion has been distributed, known as the Post Communion Reflection(PCR).

Presentation of the Lord - Easter Vigil:
Ave Regina Cealorum
Listen to Ave Regina Cealorum
Easter Vigil - Pentecost:
Regina Caeli #416
Listen to Regina Caeli
Pentecost - Advent:
Salve Regina #485
Listen to Salve Regina
Advent to Presentation of the Lord:
Alma Redemptoris Mater #471
Listen to Alma Redemptoris Mater


Director's Corner

During this time of isolation due to the Coronavirus I am posting videos from You Tube of hymns appropriate to the season to help keep you and your family connected with the liturgy, especially as we approach Holy Week.

These hymns reflect the very nature and meaning of each liturgy.  Much like how we re-live the sacrifice that Christ made for us in each Mass, reflecting on these hymns helps you to re-live those times as well.  For example, on Palm Sunday when you sing the hymn "Hosanna to the Son of David", you are doing exactly what the people where doing when they welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem waving their palms.  Rein-acting this event helps maintain the memory and example of how we should welcome Jesus into our lives each and every day.

On Holy Thursday, the hymn "Pange Lingua" recalls the sacrfice Jesus made for us, giving of his own body and blood in the Eucharist.  Likewise, "The Summons" calls us to follow him and share his message of salvation with the world as his disciples were instructed to do.  We are called to be his disciples and to go an make more disciples.

On Good Friday, "The Reproaches" is an outpouring of Jesus' heart to the world "My people, what have I done to you?  How have I offended you?".  The peoples response is "Holy God, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us".  Time and time again,  we nail our Lord to that cross with our sins and yet his forgiveness is unending.  This hymn is a beautiful reflection of that relationship with Christ revealing the true depth of his love for us.

Welcome to the St. Columban Choir!

Music is an essential element of the Mass, and our choir is dedicated to providing music which supports the liturgy and creates an ideal environment for prayer.  Here you will find information about practice and rehearsal times and recordings that you can use to practice with or to familiarize yourself with the hymns that we sing.  There are also helpful tools such as the Basic Latin Pronunciation Guide along with information and announcements about special choir events.

If you are interested in joining the choir please feel free to contact me by either phone or email or simply stop by the organ to introduce yourself after Mass.

Jennifer Langham
PA for Liturgy & Music
(360) 458-3031 ext.5

Practice & Rehearsal Times

Choir Practice Every Tuesday at 6pm in the Church, unless otherwise noted below:

In accordance with the letter from Archbishop Etienne regarding necessary preacautions to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, all Masses and events including choir practices/rehearsals at the church have been cancelled until further notice.
New Choir Facebook Page
Check out our new Facebook page exclusively for the choir where I will post videos each week which will help you enhance and build those choral skills which are so vital to what we do as choristers.

Below is the link to the page so you can join from your own Facebook page.

Rehearsal Prior to Mass 1 Hour before each Mass in the Small Hall (old church)
**Rehearsal prior to Mass is mandatory if you wish to sing at Mass.  Accommodations for those who serve in other ministries are available, but must be made in advance.


Hymns for Holy Week

Pange Lingua #377
The Summons
Ubi Caritas #374
Where Charity and Love Prevail #720
O Sacred Head Surrounded #383
At the Cross Her Station Keeping #363
Jesus Remember Me
The Reproaches
Jesus Christ is Risen Today #401
Litany of the Saints # 394
Three Days #406
What Wondrous Love Is This #719
Jesus Christ is Risen Today #401
The Strife is O'er #408
Three Days #406
What was that Latin Song?
Here you will find current Latin hymns we are signing and their English translation.
Ave Regina Cealorum

Hail, O Queen of the Heavens.  Hail, O Lday of the Angels.  Hail, the Root of Jesse, and the portal from which the world's true Light is risen.  Rejoice, O Glorious Virgin, O Fairest of all creatures.  Farewell, O Most Lovely One, pray for us to Christ, our Savior.

Concordi Laetitia

Sounds of joy have put to flight all the sadness of the night.  Now a maid beyond compare hears her praises fill the air; O Virgin Mary!

Who blooms like the lily, with fruitful joy in the risen Lord, clearly seeing her living son; O Virgin Mary!

Whom heavenly choirs praise in equal harmony and we with the heavenly hosts make a new song; O Virgin Mary!

O Queen of virgins, graciously favor our prayers and after the contest of death, bring the reward of life; O Virgin Mary!

O glorious Trinity, undivided Unity, because of the merits of Mary, save us through the ages; O Virgin Mary!

Jesu Dulcis Memoria

The sweet memory of your name, O Jesus, gives true joy to the heart but far sweeter than honey is your sweet presence.

Nothing is sung more sweetly, nothing is heard more delightfully, nothing is thought of more pleasingly than the name of Jesus, the Son of God.

O Jesus, hope of penitents, how kind you are to those who ask!  How good to those who seek you!  And how much more are you to those who find you!

No tongue is able to speak it, and no word is able to express it.  Only he who has loved is able to believe what it means to love Jesus.

May you, O Jesus be our joy, who are our future reward.  May our glory be in you through all eternity.  Amen.

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