Winter Clothes Closet

Greetings to all St. Columban families,

Fr Dean asked me to write to you this weekend and provide an update on the preparation and status of the Winter Clothes Closet. Last June I spoke to you during mass about this new initiative in our parish. At that time Fr. Dean and I gave you an overview of how the idea came to be and how the project would operate. We also asked for volunteers to support the program. Since then the outpouring of support has been overwhelming and at times intimidating. Many more people
than I would have imagined informed me they would be willing to assist with the Clothes Closet in some fashion. I expected a good feedback directly after the presentation. What I did not anticipate was the continuation of telephone calls and discussions weeks and months after the fact asking
if they could still volunteer or contribute. I am happy to report that with the number of people who have volunteered we can move to the next phase – the receiving of donations.

At the end of the Labor Day weekend masses Fr. Dean briefly spoke about the Clothes Closet and the upcoming announcement of when donations would begin to be accepted. Before I provide the listing of what items we will need I just want, in the absence of Fr. Dean, to remind you of
what he said about the donations. He asked that all clothes donations should be of very good quality, new if possible, apiece of clothing that you would wear. It should not be an opportunity to clean out your personal closets of questionable items. With that said, the items we will need
are as follows:

  • Coats
  • Knit Caps
  • Gloves
  • Warm socks
  • Scarves
  • Raincoats
  • Rain boots

Donations of these items will begin to be accepted after the weekend masses next week, September 23-24. Look for the donation boxes in the back of the church. If anyone has any other winter clothing donation ideas please don’t hesitate to contact me or the parish office.
Finally, to those who have volunteered to assist, keep your eyes out for a meeting sometime in October.

Looking forward to working with you to assist those in need,
John Bauer

Update for the Winter Clothes Closet Apostolate on September 2017

Picture from KOMUNews on Flickr.