Enroll your Grade 6-12 teen into Confirmation classes and Youth Ministry through the online Faith Formation Registration.
First class is Sunday September 18, after Mass.
First Youth Ministry Saturday retreat is September 24, 9 AM-2 PM.

Youth Sacramental Prep Information (Grades 6-12) –
Confirmation & First Reconciliation/First Holy Communion

What age is Confirmation?

In the Archdiocese of Seattle, Confirmation is given in the 7th grade; our program is structured with preparation beginning in the 6th Grade. Older teens are still welcome to enroll and prepare for Confirmation.

What documents are necessary for Confirmation?
  • Baptism Certificate – should note name of Catholic Church child was baptized, name of parents, and date of baptism.
  • Confirmation Sponsor form – Priest of parish of which sponsor attends will need to sign; due at the end of students’ Confirmation I year.


Which class(es) will my student be attending?
Student entering the 6th Grade
  • Confirmation I during their 6th Grade school year
  • Confirmation II next school year (7th Grade), with reception of the sacrament in the spring
Student is entering their 7th Grade if Confirmation I was completed
  • Confirmation II, with reception of the sacrament in the spring
Student is entering their 7th-11th Grade year, without completing Confirmation I
  • Confirmation I during this school year
  • Confirmation II next school year, with reception of the sacrament in the spring
Student is entering their 12th Grade year
  • Attend Confirmation II class during their 12th Grade year
  • Simultaneously complete take-home class materials to make up for Confirmation I, due no later than Easter
  • Contact us for other options


For students also needing preparation for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

  • First Reconciliation/First Communion classes are in addition to Confirmation classes
  • Includes some take-home reading
  • October-November: First Reconciliation preparation; Reception of First Reconciliation during Advent season
  • February-March: First Holy Communion preparation; Reception of First Holy Communion during Easter Season on First Communion Sunday (scheduled with 2nd Graders)
  • Schedule of class dates TBP


Class Requirements for all 6th-12th graders

  • Faithful attendance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation
  • Attendance of Sunday classes
  • Youth Ministry Saturdays, and other activities


Deadlines for Sponsor Form and Baptismal Certificates:
Confirmation I candidates - - May 7, 2023
Confirmation II candidates - February 5, 2023

Outside Events

Please check back regularly for updates on events and retreats for youth within the Archdiocese of Seattle.


Questions? Contact Chad Lucero at [email protected] or 360-458-3031.