Educational Enrichment

In 2021-2022 St Columban provided a morning Latin Language class for parishioners each week. This class was mainly utilized by homeschooling families in the area. We would like to expand offerings to enrich and expand educational opportunities for homeschooling families during the 2022-2023 year.

In addition to Latin, Father intends to lead a Philosophy seminar. Additional parents of some children expressed interest in a rotating series of Music and Art opportunities.

Latin is open to all children able to read confidently (with parents setting homework and practice expectations at an age appropriate level; with languages, everyone is starting at 0 so age does not much matter), the Philosophy seminar aimed more toward middle school and high school students. The art opportunities would be aimed more toward younger children.

The gatherings for the enrichment group are planned to occur after the 9am Mass on Fridays starting in September. Initially, we will plan to have 2 class slots each morning, ending at lunchtime, but we could extend past a midday break if there is desire and adults to provide a class.

Note that we are trying to operate on a voluntary basis among participating families, with costs being only the materials for classes themselves