We belong to Christ, not ourselves

Youth Ministry

Christmas Party

'Venite adora-moose!'

Thanks to our amazing catechists!

Deo Gratias!

Growing in faith together

Chris simus, non nostri.

Why be part of a community?

Why go to Mass on Sundays?

Do I need forgiveness?

Is he really present?

Confirmation Mass

Our Values


Christi simus, non nostri. “We belong to Christ, not ourselves.”  –St. Columbanus of Bobbio (543-615)

1 - You are here because God wanted you here. Our primary identity is as beloved sons and beloved daughters of God.

2- We learn and pray so we can lead and serve. We build virtue so to be Christ for one another.

3 - As pilgrims on a journey together, attending Mass and receiving the Sacraments trains us to endure the trials of life and prepares us for eternal life in Heaven.

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